• Get the market's next moves in advance of the open.
  • Know the stock market's turning point times of highs and lows.
  • See Today's market day trading forecast in chart form. 

" Your Market Pattern Forecast maps are amazingly accurate"

Knowing when to expect intra-day turns gives you the edge in your day-trading you have been looking for.  

Market Pattern Forecast "maps" are calculated and displayed on charts hours before markets open. It is superior to any timing tool currently in the financial markets.

"I have a marketing backround in the financial/credit industry, starting as a stockbroker 20 years ago.  I currently trade the ES in 5-30 lots generally in the morning.  As you know, most of what's marketed to traders is crap. Your Market Pattern Forecast maps have real value, in alot of areas." Dan- New Jersey

The pattern recognition forecasting service for traders of:

S&P 500 E mini Spyders QQQQ emini DJIA Dow Diamonds e mini  Russell 2000   e-mini NASDAQ 100  German DAX UK FTSE GBP British Pound Sterling,   JPY Japanese Yen,  CHF Swiss Franc, EUR Euro stock index and currency markets.

Our forecast is the result of 25 years of research in aritificial intelligence and iterated function system theory. Our focus is to offer day traders a roadmap of tomorrow's expected short term patterns of  intra-day stock market cycle rotations, angles, amplitude, shape, duration and  trend change times for day trading stock index futures, ETF's, cash markets and currencies published in the form of a 5 minute bar chart. Click HERE to see examples

Proactively plan your day prepared for whichever way the market moves

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