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F.A.Q’s and some Trading Tips

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Q: Are some Market Pattern Forecast maps better than others?

A: Every map will have some down days, but as a rule all of the Market Pattern Forecast maps are uncannily accurate road maps of pending market movement.

Q: What other functions do the Market Pattern Forecasts have?

A: They are excellent for stop placement and personally have found them very useful in waiting for better entry points. The way to increase trading income is to eliminate losses and again the Market Pattern Forecast has often stopped us from initiating a trade that ultimately would have been a losing trade.
The Market Pattern forecasts indicates cycle points: when Highs and Lows are expected to occur. Much of the design of the program applies cycles. Depicting the cycles are the High points and the Low points visible within the maps. We have applied static cycles of determined lengths, as well as Fibonacci cycle projections; the latter being taking measurements of cycles, multiplying by the Fib sequences (ie1.618) and extrapolating them into the future. Keep your eyes on the extreme points to initiate/exit trades. If the market moves into a high at a depicted high point, and we are confirming a sell signal with other tools, higher probability exists for a high at that point. If, however, the market instead moves into a low at a defined high point, and our quantitative models are flashing a buy, then we will initiate a long trade or close a short. The great thing about this is one doesn't really care which extreme the market will move into at that point. The cycles have been defined. It is then a simple matter of probability and statistics- use of your technical indicators or math/stat calculated measurements which will identify and confirm a depicted extreme point as either a high or a low- the maps will then help to identify the angle and the duration of the expected move from that extreme. If the market is NOT doing what it is “supposed to”- you will see it, and know that it is probable that it is going the other way.  Cycle filtering gives us extremely beneficial measurements that approximate the turning points.  Of course, one must be on the lookout for inevitable stop busting runs, and we allow a little wiggle room for those- the market going higher beyond a depicted high point, or lower beyond a forecast low point.  Many times, if the market is not doing what it is supposed to do, this tips us off that the cycle has inverted, and we are aware- before the market opens- of places to be on our toes for this occurrence, and prepare accordingly.
The Market Pattern Forecast identifies points in advance for us, and looking at the behaviour of the markets in relation to these points, we may elect not to trade until the time of day depicted by the extremes.

Q: How should I use the Market Pattern Forecast?

A: This is a powerful tool, especially when used with other technical systems, to help identify significant swings in any market.
Many times you will see the market follow the Maps perfectly. Then, lets say a down move is just about complete, and the Map shows an up move will follow soon. You cannot become too greedy to where you think you can take every dollar out of the move. (See “Anticipation Moves” in the Tutorial Section) With experience, at the risk of repeating myself, you will see that at times of depicted highs/lows, some ‘stop busting’ type moves may occur; quick moves to flush out weak hands. If the market does not come back swiftly afterwards- then beware. Watch for things that look too perfect, if they are then fine, but you will now be more prepared for planning what you will do when faced with adversity as well as when it’s going your way. Many days we observe a classic setup day (see “Tutorial" section), and a move into a high point. The greatest thing about the Map is that, if the market were to continue to follow perfectly, that high point shouldn’t be violated. If it is violated, having the Market Pattern Forecast on those days helps. The market may take off higher and never looks back. So, it is very important to pay attention to the market action at those points. We like to call them inflection points. It’s awfully nice to know when extremes are to come into play. This is especially helpful for exiting trades. You will find there are certain inflection points that will show themselves to you where you can see that the market is planning on moving away from the point, or congestion complex- in a big way. You can buy a breakout or sell a break, and will see that a very small stop may be employed that will hold if it is a good trade. Those are fun ones.  You will learn these places after following our research for several months. This is not something that you will be able to discern on your first week, but in time, you should find that you will never again wish to trade the markets without using this tool.

Q: Is the map infallible?

A: There is nothing infallible, but the map does identify a majority of major moves. As a twenty-five year veteran pit trader in wheat and stock index futures, I have found the map invaluable.
Once you watch it for anywhere from 3 to 12 months, you begin to see that even a “bad” map day still can keep you out of trouble. There are subtle clues that you pick up from it after experience with it.

Q: Should I follow every move predicted by the Market Pattern Forecast?
A: The more you use the Market Pattern Forecast the more you will begin to recognize the different formations, which the tutorial identifies. You do not need to trade every move, but being aware of possible moves will give a serious trader a powerful leg up. Set reasonable daily goals which can be raised later, and put some profit in your pocket every day. Only trade more that day if something dynamic appears.
Please view our many examples throughout the site. Read commentary and view pictures of actual price action overlaid upon the Maps.  We take seriously the success of our clients, and want everyone to be successful, as it is mutually beneficial if you are.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.
Q: Are Market Pattern Forecasts available for futures and commodities other than what is offered.

A: Maps can be formulated for any commodity future, index, equity or spread that is actively traded, we only publish the SP, NQ, DJIA, RUS2K, EUR, GBP, DAX and FTSE.   For a large hedge fund or brokerage or individual trader, we offer our service at a very small price. If you are a large fund and wish to employ us to do contract work, this can be arranged.

Market Pattern Forecast examples in detail:

The charts below show the Market Pattern Forecast superimposed onto the ACTUAL price action for the day. The Market Pattern Forecast is made available to the subscriber many hours before the markets open.  Contained below are some "zoomed in" views,  as well as full days, illustrating the benefits that Market Pattern Forecast can provide for short-term scalpers on a micro level.


Actual Examples of Market Pattern Forecasts from various markets  

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