Market Pattern Forecast Tutorial

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Day Trading System: Fact Sheet

1/ Market Pattern Forecast "Maps" are designed to pinpoint the TIMES of intra-day turning points or changes in trend.

2/ Market Pattern Forecast "Maps" apply proprietary cycle theory, artificial intelligence and quantitative analysis computer models to provide you daytrading chart patterns. Our day trading service projects short term day-trading cycle high and low turning points, angles, formations and patterns to look for.

3/ Market Pattern Forecast "Maps" do not give price predictions or price targets.  Charts show you angles, trend change times and specific chart pattern trading formations by identifying and extrapolating the current patterns and short term cycles currently being traded by computer trading algorithms.

4/ The time zone on the bottom of the chart is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The stock indices maps will follow
the opening time of the cash index. The currencies follow the opening time of the DAX & FTSE cash market.

5/ The Market Pattern Forecasts are used to enhance short term market timing of long and short trading entry and exit points for daytraders.

6/ Market Pattern Forecast "Maps" should never be used without proper money management, such as a stop-loss.  We advise using our day trading forecast with technical analysis trading tools to confirm high and low market turning point trading signals.

7/ Market Pattern Forecast "Maps" can be used to daytrade e-mini futures, the cash markets and ETF's or large futures contracts.

8/ There are 10 Market Pattern Forecast "Maps" to choose from every single day - giving you high-odds intra-day trading set-ups for forex futures trading and stock index futures daytrading.

9/ Our "Maps" show the highest probability path each futures trading index should follow over the next 6-8 hours.

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