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Day Trading System: General Overview

The aim of this tutorial is to make you aware of the power of Market Pattern Forecast "maps" and how to make the most of them in your day trading system. Once you understand how they are used you will simply not want to trade without them, as they will help you identify when to enter a position and when to take profits.

Market Pattern Forecast Maps are made available to you on the part of the site which requires a login and a password. Market Pattern Forecast Maps for the various markets are usually made available to you by 7am GMT, which is an hour before the open of the cash indices in Europe.

Market Pattern Forecast Maps are provided in a chart form such as the one you are seeing below. The chart below is the forecast for the DAX 30 cash index from Germany.

DAX 30 Cash Index Trading Pattern

On the Map of the Dax 30 index above you can see the forecast path of this particular index for the trading day ahead.

You can also see the time underneath the chart. The timeframe is displayed in London GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Like all the indices Maps, the Dax map will start when the cash index opens in the morning. A full schedule of opening and closing times for the different Market Maps are provided here.

You can also see a price bar to the right. It is only displayed for this example: Market Pattern Forecast Maps do not provide forecasts on price, only on time.  Maps in the subscriber section do NOT have any price scale.

The second chart shows what actually happened in the Dax on this particular trading day, the 30th April 2007. You will recognize the blue line as the Market Pattern Forecast Map which has now been overlaid onto the actual price action on the day, which is the red line.

DAX 30 Cash Index Actuals overlaid with Trading Map

You can see how the Market Pattern Forecast map in the form of the blue line has identified the big turning points during the day in advance and given the trader a forecast for the direction of the day.

The following pages will teach you the use of Market Pattern Forecast. Every day does not have to be a perfect fit for you to make use of the Market Pattern Forecast, as many traders who use them can testify. For example there can be Market Pattern Forecast maps where the price action is inverted or where a turn may be slightly delayed. This will be explained thoroughly in the tutorial.

The next tutorial is Day Trading System: Perfect Pattern.

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