I've been following your predictive maps for a couple of weeks and reviewed the maps past performances. They are astoundingly accurate. Liang C.

I have a marketing backround in the financial/credit industry, starting as a stockbroker 20 years ago. I currently trade the ES in 5-30 lots generally in the morning.  As you know, most of what's marketed to traders is crap.  Your maps have real value, in alot of areas. Dan - New Jersey

I do use them religiously. R.H. UK

As always thanks for the great work you do,  your maps are pure genius. Dieter - Berlin

I trade the DAX and FTSE futures from home. Since I stumbled across your "maps" I have been keeping an eye on them to check for their accuracy. I am slowly coming around to using them in my trading. I always had the firm belief that there was nothing new under the sun and I was naturally sceptical that anyone could forecast turning points with such accuracy during the day. Now I will start the trading day by looking at the Market Pattern Forecast for the Dax and the FTSE, and then I look at my indicators for confirmation. I rely on my time proven set-up but I use the maps as confirmation. It has really paid off and has increased my confidence in both entering and exiting my positions. Julian - Bedford

I trade the Russell 2000 and have been watching the performance of your maps with interest since you introduced them recently.  Their accuracy has been uncanny and when you make them available I use them as an additional tool to support my other views as to how the index will trade.  As you are no doubt aware the market has been highly volatile recently and the difference in behaviour of the DOW, S&P500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 has been marked.  It is a very good time for traders but you need tools like your maps to assist in the chase for profitable trades.  Thank you for the innovation.  John M, Sydney

I find it tremendously advantageous to know at what point during the trading day I can expect a reversal. I am consistently taking 10-20 points out of the Dow Map and your US maps are invaluable to me. I pick the map which fits best with todays action and trade the map according. Allan - Edinburgh

I have found that I get the best results from your maps by waiting for confirmation of a turn and then enter in the direction of the turn. I have used the maps for 4 months trading currencies and US stocks. I am amazed how reliable the turns are. Keep up the good work. Alexandra - Greece.

I use your map almost everyday for GBP/USD. The only thing that bothered me so far is the inversion, since I have no clue when this will happen. Usually I traded around the turning points, I follow the trend after it is turned and usually great. Thanks for providing the maps, it helps me a lot. Michael - Dorset


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